Monday, January 19, 2009

6x6 Calendar Mini Album

I hope this finds you all enjoying this {for many} long holiday weekend! The Cardstock children and I took full advantage of this extra day {translation = stayed-in-our-pajamas-and-didn't-shower}. Now, Mr. Cardstock will tell you this isn't an uncommon occurrence for me - but I will defend myself by reminding him how many resources I am conserving (water, energy, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc). It's just my way of livin' green people - livin' green.

And before the mental picture sets in - let's move on. Okay, here's the Calendar Album everyone has been talking about lately - and by "everyone", I mean me. . . Anyway - to start off - here is the album itself - with rub-ons added (dust and dog hair added for free).

And here are the 12 included layouts - in order {of course}:

{side note: what a cute picture - I should totally use it more. . .}

100% lifted from a Donna Downey layout:

Okay - so these layouts were 6x6 and really came together pretty quick. I found the most challenging part was choosing supplies that would match the circle date stickers (from Sweetwater). After that part was done - the rest went quickly (even for a very s-l-o-w scrapper like myself). As you can see, I only used one picture/layout - and then added some patterned paper, ribbon and rubons. (It appears I was in a 'sanding phase' during this particular project.) Then, I attached the layouts to chipboard - and called it a day.

Here's a picture of a layout displayed with the clothespin. Perfect for sitting on a mantle, a desk at work or in your scrap space for daily smiles.
I attached the calendar with a clip:
This is just to show the agonizing work of stamping each month individually - and lest we forget - I made FOUR sets of these babies.
Up close view:
Here is the stamp set I used:
All in all - this is a project I will definitely repeat - it makes a perfect year-end gift. Just be sure to make a set for yourself (or you'll be forced to go into stealth mode so you can re-po the set you gave your mom in order to take pictures for all your lovely blog readers).

And, because I needed a reminder to smile today - and my daughter provided it - here's something that was overheard in the Cardstock household today:

Set-up: The kids asked me to play with them - and as usual, all parts were pre-assigned. I was to play "momma fairy", Kate starred in the role as "baby fairy" and Sam was left to play baby fairy's pet dolphin "squeaker" (he is very good to his sister - considering this role requires him to roll around and flop on the floor for the duration).

So, we all started out playing the usual scenes - baby fairy starts out needing momma fairy's help with something - only to learn {through difficult trials} she is able to do many things for herself {with her newly acquired skill of karate kicking} - all the while dolphin is proving himself to be a trusted friend and ally.

Business as usual - right? Well, next, baby fairy decided my role would shift to "grumpy momma fairy" {seriously, I have NO idea where this is coming from. . .}. So, she prompted my lines - things like, "No, you can't go to the fairy princess ball." or "You must stay here and clean all the dishes." or "No food for you until this place is spotless." {all said with a very convincing cackle}.

Well, being quite up to the task, I launched into what I would consider one of my more Oscar-worthy deliveries. And, as I was gaining momentum in this very liberating {but not like me at all} role - Kate decided it was time to take momma fairy down a notch.

K: "I know what you are doing grumpy momma fairy - you are holding onto a grouch {I assume she meant grudge - but I went with it}."

Me: "This grouch and I will never part - and only I know the secret of how to release a grouch."

K: "Oh, I know your secret - it's a potion for getting rid of the grouch you are holding."

Me: "You can't possibly know my secret."

K: "Yes I do - it's coffee."

Me: ". . . . you don't know me. . . . "

K: {giggle giggle giggle}

Perhaps this momma needs to work on her people skills - or at least bump up the caffeine intake?? Tomorrow will be a better day. . .

And, before signing off, I wanted to share a picture that reminds me to be thankful I live in a country where we can live freely, love freely, worship freely and choose freely. Mr. Cardstock coaches our kids' soccer teams - and at the start of each game, he and his players say a prayer. Short and sweet - not a big deal - and supported by the team parents. {It's really a pity about the blond kid - I hear he used to be quite a looker.}
And this one - well, I just like the angle here. . . .


Romans 12:18
As much as you can, live in peace with all men.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bird keychain album & {WINNER}

Hello all - I hope you had a productive day - full of energy, vim and vigor - what's that? More filled with vinegar you say? Yeah, me too. . . But, I do have to say that reading all your comments about what makes your life wonderful truly brightened up the day around here! And seriously, THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to comment - you bless me!

Okay - the winners of the cd tins from Monday's post are:

***Just Jen*** January 12, 2009 11:28pm
***Christa*** January 13, 2009 9:22am

Congratulations ladies!! Just e-mail me your contact info at - and you can start making plans to fill that little tin right up!

Now, do you remember when I mentioned back in the first post that anyone who would like to have a project of theirs posted here just needs to e-mail me said project?? Well - we have our {FIRST MEMBER SUBMITTED PROJECT}!!! Okay, truth be told, the submitter is my niece Hollie - and I think she's pretty awesome - and I relentlessly begged her to e-mail me her stuff - and I'm pretty persuasive {those of you who have been witness to my 'stink eye' can attest to that!). And on a side note, the best thing my brother has ever done was marrying Hollie's mom - she's a total keeper (my brother - iffy on his best day. . .). Anyway, the Maya Road chipboard bird keychain set was included as the matching treat in our August 2008 kit - and below is what sweet Hollie did with it:

Shut up!! Cute right? I know!! Ahem, and here's a layout Hollie created:
Yeah, she's pretty cute too. . .

That's it for today - but check back tomorrow because I'm posting another album {gasp}! This time it's that calendar album I also mentioned in the first post. And, for all those who are counting - tomorrow's post will bring the 6th time a certain picture will grace this blog.

Also - lest anyone think I took that picture out of a frame and just reproduced it and placed it ramdomly throughout my house. . . here's a more recent photo of my youngest:
Now, despite there not being a giveaway today - I would love to have your comments about a topic. Now, I'm just going to pick a topic at random, having nothing whatsoever to do with me personally. . . if you are so inclined, please leave a comment with your recommendations for the best brand of hair dye. . . for brunettes. . . who are 40. . . who often post on this blog. . .


Luke 6:37 Do not say what is wrong in other people's lives. Then other people will say what is wrong in your life. Do not say someone is guilty. Then other people will say you are guilty. Forgive other people and other people will forgive you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

cd album, {GIVE AWAY} & sneak peek

First off - a little sneak peek for our members. . . January kits are getting ready to ship next week - and here's a little looksee at the goods:

Oooooh - paper {squeal}!!! I love this part:

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Ours was very uneventful (thanks to the "alleged" ice storm rudely cancelling our family Christmas for the second time)! But we made the most of it and the four of us spent a LOT of time engaged in all things Star-Wars-Clone-Wars-related (I have NO idea where my children get their obsessive nature from - none whatsoever). And, here's a little birthday peek for my mom {hint: start reading this blog} - this is what the other side of the craft room looks like at the moment. . . any idea why??? Oh, and did anyone notice the framed picture in the upper left? Yeah - that one again. . .

And now onto our album for today. A couple years ago - my scrapbooking goddess friend taught a few of us how to make these great cd albums. I literally trace around a cd - cut out the circles - slap on pictures - embellish - and done! (The albums can hold six circles of cardstock with a little bit of embellishment.) So, here's the front of the cd tin:

Note on doing the outside: I've done a couple of these tins and used black/white pictures on the front. By doing so I'm able to modge-podge over the pictures, paper and all - and it seals everything quite nicely (which is good when you want to whip out an uber-cool album at, say, your 20-year class reunion - even though everyone else just pulls out a lame 4x6 photo from a crinkled envelope - yeah, it's great for that sort of thing - or so I've heard). Ahem, anyway, I didn't seal the one I'm showing you because modge podge will wreak havoc on colored pictures.

Here's the first page: {Clearly my eyes are going because I swear this picture didn't look blurry when I edited it. . .}
Page 2:

Page 3:
Page 4:

Page 5:

Page 6: {what - where did that picture come from???}

Here's what it looks like all together:

Supplies: patterned paper (Crate Paper), twill ribbon (Stampin' Up), brads and ribbon from my stash.

  1. Trace 7 cd-sized circles onto your cardstock or patterned paper of choice (one for the cover).
  2. Hold up your picture to the light with the circle behind it (to see where to glue it and crop it).
  3. Adhere picture to circle. Then, flip circle upside down and cut off the excess. {Optional: turn circle back over and sand edges of pictures.}
  4. Adhere scraps/pieces of patterned paper or cardstock to the part of the circle that isn't being covered by the picture - then flip over and cut off excess. {Optional: turn circle back over and ink/sand edges of circle.}
  5. Embellish as you wish - I used ribbon and then stamped on some sentiments.
  6. Assemble the circles by starting with the one you want to appear LAST in the series (#6). Lay it on your work surface - then take the circle you want to come before it (#5) and rotate it 180 degrees (so it appears upside down). Lay the circle #5 on top of circle #6. Then, I used a paper-piercing tool and poked a hole on the LEFT side, close to the edge. Next, insert your brad. Now, when you "unfold" the two - both should be oriented the same way.
  7. Now, keeping the two circles unfolded - take the next circle (#4) and rotate it 180 degrees again - so it will be upside down. Repeat the rest of step 6 until all the circles are joined. You might have to do some playing with this so your pictures fall where you want them {and no one gets a brad through the eye}.
  8. Adhere your 7th circle to the cover.
  9. Show it to everyone you know (and when you do go to your reunion, make especially sure to show it to your high school nemesis - who, in high school, thought she was so much smater and more talented than you - but then who admitted to getting 17+ speeding tickets during the trivia portion of the reunion - which, in the probation world we call "habitual traffic violator". . .). Oh dear, where did that come from?

Moving on. . .

Here's a picture of the stamps I used in the above album (my favorite set):
I've made these cd albums for new moms, grandmothers, friends - and friends of friends! And now you can too!!! That's right - {ANOTHER GIVEAWAY}!!! I've got TWO cd tins that would love to be on their way to a happy home. Just leave a comment - about what makes your life wonderful - and you'll be entered to win! I'll choose TWO winners and post them Tuesday, 1/13/09!

And, I must sign off now - but now without another photo from my favorites. Here's a more recent picture of my oldest - minus eight baby teeth - but with a mouthful of promise. . .


I Peter 2:1 Put out of your life hate and lying. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Do not always want something someone else has. Do not say bad things about other people.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday wishes & {WINNER}

Congratulations are in order for. . .

Random Integer Generator
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January 9, 2009 1:50 AM

Please e-mail me at with your contact information - and a whole lot of cardstock is coming your way - woo hoo!

Well - thank you all so very much for your suggestions on what to do with the chipboard album from yesterday - I'll be sure to let you know what happens to the poor, neglected thing. You never know - it just might end up as a give away!!

Okay - I'll be back on Monday with another mini album to share - this one is super easy - and very portable!! I learned how to make it from my scrapbooking goddess friend - in about an hour. Oh yeah - and it just happens to feature none other than my very favorite picture of Kate (you might remember the one. . .).

And now, to show you a bit of my eyes-are-bigger-than-my-{fill in blank} syndrome I seem to suffer from . . . here are some of the projects on my needles right now:

First, a mistake rib scarf for one very patient Mr. Cardstock - (to make up for the *are-you-sure-can't-make-that-hat-fit . . . even-if-you-stretch-it* hat that never was). Don't worry, you'll see what I'm talking about next week. . .

Next, a lovely neckwarmer (in a 4x4 rib) for someone who's been waiting far FAR too long for something handmade from me. It should be finished this weekend - and you'll be the "cute friend" at school next week! Let's just hope not too cute - as to inspire a chorus of "Hot For Teacher" (unless we're talking about a serenade from a certain hot dad down the hall).

What - I've said too much? My bad.
And here's a little something I started a couple years ago - and sadly - I don't even remember who it was for (ooooh - something shiny. . .). Anyway, a friend just told me her family will be welcoming a baby girl very soon - so now I'm on a mission to finish it.

My very first attempt at seed stitch . . . {lets just hope the baby isn't a perfectionist}.

And for those who can't even guess what it's supposed to look like (even when squinting and tilting your head to the side). . . Well, this is what I'm going for - so let's all cross our fingers.

Oh, and that birthday I mentioned?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM - WE LOVE YOU!!! Isn't she great? Yeah, I think so too - as do the munchkins. Can you believe she had six brothers (ACK) - and lived this long to tell about it??? It's a good thing my dad is such a nice guy - or he just might have had a few angry brothers to deal with. (Oh wait - there was that time Uncle Jimmy chased you all the way back to the USAF base. . . again, another story for another time.)
We'll see you very soon Mimi - and what a celebration it will be (Sam and Kate have big birthday plans for you).

I'll be back on Monday with more pictures and such of scrap-related items - oh yeah - and more GIVE AWAYS!!!! If you are so inclined - I'd love for you to send mom {you can call her mom too - she loves that} some birthday love. And don't worry mom (who apparently hasn't even read the awesomeness of this blog) I won't tell any of the family secrets - unless, that is, you won't actually be reading this blog - because if that's the case I just might have to dig something up. . .

Blessings for a wonderful weekend ahead for all!!

Matthew 5:7 Those who show loving-kindness are happy, because they will have loving-kindness shown to them.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chipboard Album & {WINNER}

Congratulations - today's 50-pack of Bazzill 12x12 cardstock goes to. . .

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January 7, 2009 10:54 pm

Hey there Sonia - e-mail me with your contact info and your 50 sheets of Bazzill will be sent right out to it's new happy home!

Okay - so here is that chipboard album from the first post on Monday. Pictures first - then my oh-so-brief commentary. . .

As you all know, I'm quite the fan of manufacturer paper packs - I mean, dude, the work is already done! Don't get me wrong - I've traveled down the road of mixing manufacturers - and I will again. . . sure, just put me in a room with, like, 50 sheets of patterned paper from different manufacturers - and I can totally pick at least three sheets of said paper that would work together perfectly. Okay, um, if we could narrow that number down to, lets say, three sheets of paper in that room - then I could definitely make it out of there in less than seven hours with my sanity intact - definitely. Just ask my friends - oh, but not my friend who is a scrapbooking goddess - to whom I turn with every annoying question - and who eventually just picks my paper for me. . . no, please don't ask her.

Anyway, the above chipboard album is from Maya Road, the patterned paper pack from Daisy Ds and I used many, many rub-ons and stamps and paint (oh my) to dress it up. Nothing real fancy - and I'm not sure it's even done at this point - or for that matter, what it will be used for. Originally, it was to be an 'all about me' album for a friend's 40th birthday - be we all remember that debacle (see post from 12/31/08 if you're new).

Now, on to one of those cardstock-only layouts everyone's been talking about. I share this one first - because it was my introduction to Becky Higgins. This layout is pretty much an exact replica of a layout in her first "Sketches" book. Can we say "aah, sweet freedom"?? (If you've not checked out her work - seriously - you should.) A little background - this serious of photos was taken the day my first turned one month old. I took 10 rolls of film - yeah, you read that right - FILM. Mr. Cardstock still laughs when we remember how much money I used to spend on photo developing. Well, he doesn't so much laugh. . . I was one of those moms who shot, on average, 15 rolls every month {ACK}! You know those CM photo holders that hold 2400(ish) pictures?? Yeah, I have pictures from Sam's first year in TWO of them {double ACK}! Oh, and no, his first year scrapbook is NOT finished - thankyouverymuch!

And for only weighing in at 4 1/2 pounds when this sweetums popped out - I'd say he chubbed up quite nicely :-) Yeah, I could just eat him up - and don't even get me started on those monkey toes. . .

Now, I don't know if any of you are {gasp} cross-crafty - but I like to knit. I took up knitting when my oldest started preschool - that way I would always know what to do for teacher Christmas gifts - scarves, scarves and more scarves! Well, this past holiday was a 100% handmade holiday - I knitted until my fingers were numb. Oh, don't feel bad, once the kiddos are tucked in, knitting gives the perfect excuse to cuddle up under a blanket, have a glass {"bottle"} of wine and watch educational television (read: The Office and One Tree Hill reruns). Shameless, I know. Anyway, this year I tried something different - neckwarmers. Think turtleneck sweater without the sweater. (I'll have to take a picture of it being worn for it's awesomeness to fully be portrayed.)
And, because I'm always looking for ways to get my little ones involved, I picked up one of those Knifty Knitter looms this year. Those things are AWESOME!! Kids can really create with them. Here's a couple hats we did together this year (with a matching scarf with the remaining yarn). These children's hats knit up in about an hour - it doesn't get much better than that!

Our family Christmas with my parents comes this weekend - so I'll have more awesomeness to share after that {oh yeah mom - get ready for fabulous}!

Well, my daughter LOVED all the {completely unsolicited} comments about her picture - thank you, thank you. And, in the name of equality - here's a picture of Sam from my Favorites folder:

And now - what you've all {really} been waiting for - today's giveaway. . . MORE CARDSTOCK!! What's that you say?? You have more cardstock? Why how can that be?
Yeah - I guess she's seen my cardstock closet. . .

This give away is for another 50-pack of assorted 8.5x11 Bazzill cardstock (2 sheets/color). Hey all you cardmakers - this ones for you! To be entered in the drawing for - just make a comment about (my son, of course) a tip for what on earth I can do with that album up there - ARG!! The winner will be chosen and posted on Friday evening. Good luck!


I Peter 2:1 Put out of your life hate and lying. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Do not always want something someone else has. Do not say bad things about other people.