Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tell me what cha want - what cha really really want

Hello readers!!

Here's wishing you all a very peace-filled new year. From our family to yours:

So, with 2009 comes updates and improvements for Simply Cardstock! In hopes of providing SC members and blog readers with inspiration (or at least some eye candy to go with your morning coffee) - this will be a place for projects, alterables, layouts, cards - and oh so much more. Some projects will even have step-by-step directions along with pictures. Also, any members who are so inspired, can have their projects posted here as well! Just send me an e-mail at with your project attached and your work can be featured here.

And, because anyone who knows me knows how easily distractable I am - ooh lookie, something shiny - wait, is that a cookie - I'm think I'm hungry - oh dear the pantry needs organized - ahem, I'm almost certain to infuse daily doses of life and calamity into said project postings.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled mission . . . here are some of my recent favorites (in no particular order lest I hurt their feelings):

I did this layout at a weekend crop - it was one of about three layouts I completed during that {entire}weekend (two of which were exact replicas of layouts featured in Cathy Zielski's "Clean & Simple Scrapbooking"). I'd say my productivity for that particular weekend was sub par - but I sure did catch up on my sleep and snack intake!

Last year I made 'layout of the month' albums for my family members. I attached the 8x8 layouts to chipboard and then included one of those big clothespins for displaying. Since the layouts were smaller it wasn't too overwhelming to get the design done - one picture - some patterned paper - ribbon - done. They turned out cute enough to make it a yearly gift (per my mom's oh so subtle hints).

This was one of those cards that {out of desparation} came together in mere minutes. I needed a photo of a handmade card to put in a flyer for our church card ministry. So, I grabbed stuff that was laying {ahem} neatly organized on my desk, and made a card I thought I'd like to receive. Oh no, I'll never send it to myself - that would just be silly.

Ack - this is the album that would just never end. I started this mini album as an "All About Me" gift for one of my girlfriends. She was the first of my childhood group who would celebreate a 'milestone' birthday. So about six months prior to that I had this fabulous idea to make a bunch of these reflective albums for my girlfriends who were all coming up on {gulp} 40. Oh, I could just envision the heartfelt gathering we would all have - looking back on our lives together - all the ups and downs - the memories created. And then life took over - and a year or so passed - all birthday celebrations came and went - and not an album to be given. Perhaps for their 45th??? We'll see. . . (By the way - I love the end product - it's just never going to be duplicated!)

What's that you say now? Any blog launch worth it's weight in cardstock would offer a GIVE-AWAY on it's very first post ever?? Well, you're in luck my friends because today's give away is nothing other than a huge pack-o-cardstock. Who knows what you want - eh? But seriously, I've got a sheet or two (or 50) of Bazzill cardstock just laying around that would love to go to a home where it actually has a hope of being used. To be entered, just leave a comment about something you'd like to see featured by this blog - and a winner will be drawn and posted Monday evening 1/5/09! Comments will be closed on Monday 1/5/09 at 9pm EST

Don't forget to check back often - as there will be weekly (sometimes daily) give aways! (Or as Mr. Cardstock calls it - either contain your supplies to one room or I'll put them in the garage sale.)

Here's to a wonderful week ahead - any many chances to encourage others and spread kindness!!


Romans 12:8 If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. . . And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.