Friday, January 9, 2009

Birthday wishes & {WINNER}

Congratulations are in order for. . .

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January 9, 2009 1:50 AM

Please e-mail me at with your contact information - and a whole lot of cardstock is coming your way - woo hoo!

Well - thank you all so very much for your suggestions on what to do with the chipboard album from yesterday - I'll be sure to let you know what happens to the poor, neglected thing. You never know - it just might end up as a give away!!

Okay - I'll be back on Monday with another mini album to share - this one is super easy - and very portable!! I learned how to make it from my scrapbooking goddess friend - in about an hour. Oh yeah - and it just happens to feature none other than my very favorite picture of Kate (you might remember the one. . .).

And now, to show you a bit of my eyes-are-bigger-than-my-{fill in blank} syndrome I seem to suffer from . . . here are some of the projects on my needles right now:

First, a mistake rib scarf for one very patient Mr. Cardstock - (to make up for the *are-you-sure-can't-make-that-hat-fit . . . even-if-you-stretch-it* hat that never was). Don't worry, you'll see what I'm talking about next week. . .

Next, a lovely neckwarmer (in a 4x4 rib) for someone who's been waiting far FAR too long for something handmade from me. It should be finished this weekend - and you'll be the "cute friend" at school next week! Let's just hope not too cute - as to inspire a chorus of "Hot For Teacher" (unless we're talking about a serenade from a certain hot dad down the hall).

What - I've said too much? My bad.
And here's a little something I started a couple years ago - and sadly - I don't even remember who it was for (ooooh - something shiny. . .). Anyway, a friend just told me her family will be welcoming a baby girl very soon - so now I'm on a mission to finish it.

My very first attempt at seed stitch . . . {lets just hope the baby isn't a perfectionist}.

And for those who can't even guess what it's supposed to look like (even when squinting and tilting your head to the side). . . Well, this is what I'm going for - so let's all cross our fingers.

Oh, and that birthday I mentioned?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM - WE LOVE YOU!!! Isn't she great? Yeah, I think so too - as do the munchkins. Can you believe she had six brothers (ACK) - and lived this long to tell about it??? It's a good thing my dad is such a nice guy - or he just might have had a few angry brothers to deal with. (Oh wait - there was that time Uncle Jimmy chased you all the way back to the USAF base. . . again, another story for another time.)
We'll see you very soon Mimi - and what a celebration it will be (Sam and Kate have big birthday plans for you).

I'll be back on Monday with more pictures and such of scrap-related items - oh yeah - and more GIVE AWAYS!!!! If you are so inclined - I'd love for you to send mom {you can call her mom too - she loves that} some birthday love. And don't worry mom (who apparently hasn't even read the awesomeness of this blog) I won't tell any of the family secrets - unless, that is, you won't actually be reading this blog - because if that's the case I just might have to dig something up. . .

Blessings for a wonderful weekend ahead for all!!

Matthew 5:7 Those who show loving-kindness are happy, because they will have loving-kindness shown to them.


madelineas said...

Happy Birthday mom and I wish you many, many more.

Have a great weekend Vicki

Dixie Lee said...

Happy Birthday Mom. May you live so long that you enjoy your great grandchildren as well!!

Andi said...

Happy Birthday Mom!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Mom!! Hope your day is filled with all love and happiness!!

Cynthia B. said...

Happy Birthday, Mom! :)
Six brothers, ay? You ARE a survivor! ;) Hope you had a wonderful day!!

Jenn said...

Happy, Happy birthday Mom!! Sending you lots of love :)

(can't wait for a warm and VERY stylish neck!!)

Your blog is fantastic and SO fun to read!

merideth said...

how is it i have not known about you before?!

...heading over to buy some cardstock - yeah, baby!