Monday, January 5, 2009

"All About Emily" album - {and winner}

Dooooode!! I'm seriously giddy with all the suggestions you guys gave!! Could you BE any more awesome (said with my best Chandler Bing inflection).

This week I plan to make lists of your suggestions and start incorporating them into this blog. Yes, I can see the lists now, many, many lists, pretty lists, all color coded and organized and tabbed - I could make a new list journal - one that's green, no blue. . . oops, sorry - ahem, back to your suggestions. . . . Yes, many wonderful suggestions were given - and I smiled with each one - so thank you for making today a great day for me! (As for the suggestion to include recipes - the next time the kids and I make a batch of my grandma's "scotcheroos" - I'm totally posting it!! Get ready for some seriously good, only-give-the-kids-one-so-you-can-have-the-rest, sweet treats!)

{1/5/09 WINNER} And the winner of the 50 sheets of 12x12 Bazzill cardstock is. . . . .


who said: "Congratutlations on your new blog!! I would love to see LOTS OF TUTORIALS. . . for cardmaking, scrapbooks, etc. A good ongoing tips and techniques feature would be suggestions for color combinations!! I am excited about your blog!!

January 5, 2009 7:58am

CONGRATULATIONS!! Just e-mail your info (name, shipping address, e-mail) to and your cardstock will ship tomorrow morning!!!

Okay - for today I have an album to share - not the one from yesterday (although I'll be posting that one soon - once I take pictures of all the pages). This album is an "All About Me" album I made for a good friend who was turning {gulp} 30. She had done such an over-the-top lead-in to my {double gulp} 40th birthday last year that I wanted to celebrate her special day in style. On a side note - she started 40 days before my 40th birthday - and then delivered one present each day until my birthday. Some were small - some were funny - some were crafty - some were meaningful - but all were amazing. It gave me a reason to wake up in the morning (you know, other than "how can I get to the coffee pot before someone asks me for something")!

I'll do my best to list the supplies and techniques I used. But, please e-mail me if you want more details, more pictures (yeah, because I took 51 of them - ack), or any other info - and I'll do my best to answer any questions.

Okay, below is the album cover. The album is one of the suede ones - can't think of the manufacturer (as the album now lives in Texas) - but it is 8x8, has a square opening on the cover for a picture and comes with 10 (maybe 12) page protectors. For the flower decoration, I just pulled out the little plastic thing in the picture insert and then 'bradded' all the flowers to it. Then, just kind of bend the plastic thing and smooshed it back in place.
For the general layout of this album I stuck to one paper manufacturer (Basic Grey - Urban Couture line) so everything matched - and of course Bazzill cardstock. I started with an assembly line process: cut all cardstock to 8 x 8 (2 of each color), cut all patterned paper to 8 x 3 (two strips of each pattern) and cut all paper strips to 8 x 3/4 (for this strip I used the 'plain' papers included in the Basic Grey paper pack). Next I inked the edges of all of it (because I like to torture myself like that) - I used Tim Holtz' distressing ink in Vintage Photo - and then just glued it down.

Next step - I took the tag sheet that comes in the Basic Grey paper pack and modge-podged the tags onto the Basic Grey chipboard tags that come in the same size. This step took the longest because of the drying time. The next time - I'm going to use a glue stick and a brayer - it seems to adhere just as well. Oh - and for those of you who have a 'brayer' in your tool stash and have never known what to do with it (like me) - it works great when you're adhering larger items (like paper to chipboard or layouts to chipboard backing). Just put on the glue, lay on whatever you're gluing - and then roll over it with the brayer to make sure all the parts stick.

Once the tags are done - I went through my ribbon stash and pulled out a few that coordinated - then threaded the ribbon through the tags.

In all seriousness, I learned from a very good friend that you just can't over think the matching process when it comes to embellishments and ribbon and such. You've got to focus on the big picture - and it's not likely the gift recipient will open the album and think "great overall aesthetics - but that green ribbon just ruins it for me". This same friend taught me to just breathe, choose quickly and then move on. The friend you ask?? The uber-talented Jenn Johnson - ring any bells?? Yeah, she's great. She saved my life.

Okay, back to the album. Below is the title page - "A Celebration of Emily at 30". Supplies: rub-ons (Basic Grey), chipboard A (Heidi Swapp), stamps (Stampin' Up), stickers (Basic Grey - included in paper pack) and (Making Memories). The flowers are from my stash - and the fabric tag in the upper right corner, not certain about that one either (sorry) - but it came in a pack of 6 tabs - assorted sizes.

Pages 2-3 - the brown mat on the left is for a current picture - you know, seeing that she's all young and 30 and gorgeous! The right page has room for her to journal her thoughts about her life right now. Supplies: small tag (Stampin' Up), large tag (7 gypsies), journaling sheet (Making Memories), twine (Stampin' Up), stickers (Basic Grey) rub-ons (American Crafts, Making Memories), stamps (studio g).
Pages 4-5 - left page "My family" is for a picture of, well, her family. The left page says "Our Story". Supplies: journaling tag on left (My Mind's Eye, cut in half), journaling tag on left (Hambly maybe?), rub-ons (American Crafts, My Mind's Eye), stickers (Making Memories), chipboard letter (Heidi Swapp), adhesive lace tape, brads, flowers and plastic "family" (my stash).
Pages 6-7 - these pages are for Emily to put some of her favorite photos. (And if you've ever seen her amazingly beautiful self and crazy beautiful kids - you know this is no small task!). Supplies: journaling tag on bottom left (bottom half of My Mind's Eye tag from page 2), rub-ons (Bo Bunny Press, American Crafts).
Below was just one of my favorite things from this album :-)
When Emily and I were first getting to know each other - one of her first questions was about the music I listened to. . . So, I thought she would appreciate a place to list her current favorites. Like, when I was 30 (so long ago) - I would have listed the likes of {swoon} Randy Travis, REM, or Vanilla Ice. I mean, what's better than a mom who can totally sing every word to Ice Ice Baby? Wait, that's not cool? Oh snap, my kids were right. . . Ahem, supplies: journaling stamp (Autumn Leaves), stickers (Basic Grey), chipboard bracket (American Crafts), little green flowers (Oriental Trading Co), adhesive lace tape (??).
Pages 8-9 - "10 random facts about me". For all those mothers among us - it's easy to forget who we are in the midst of daily life. I wanted to provide a place where my friend could list things about herself she might have forgotten - or things she'd like her children to know about her - or whatever. . . I didn't leave too much space because I didn't want to create any stress - just short and sweet. Supplies: tags (large from U-line and the rest from Stampin' Up), stamps (Image Tree), chipboard bracket (American Crafts), rub-ons (Basic Grey), chipboard letters and numbers (Heidi Swapp).

Pages 10-11 - Emily is a very crafty gal (of the sewing and general creative sort) - so I wanted her to have a place to keep things that are inspiring to her right now. That tag on the left says "observations". Supplies: stickers (Basic Grey), journaling tag (7 gypsies), brackets (American Crafts), twine (Stampin' Up), stamp (savvy stamps - it looks like a upc bar code - I use it all the time).

Pages 12-13 - "30 Things to see, do, be. . .". This is a place to put all the things she'd like to accomplish in the next 30 years. I thought it would be fun for her children to see what she hopes to do in her life. The tag on the right side reads "My dreams". Supplies: chipboard (Heidi Swapp), stickers (Basic Grey), rub-ons (Bo Bunny Press, American Crafts).
Another close up of the title.

Can you tell I'm addicted to rub-ons?? Someday I'll show you my stash - sorted by size, theme and color (of course). Yeah, that's another thing you'll learn about me - compulsive behavior makes for a much more interesting gal (I figure if I say it enough - even I'll believe it??).

Pages 14-15 - "My hobbies". Just another fun page to put things she enjoys doing right now. I love reading my mom's journals from when we were little and getting some insight into her as a person - not just as my mom. Fascinating really. I wanted to give Emily a place to do the same - show her children she isn't just a mom - but that she's so much more. Supplies: rub-ons (Bo Bunny Press, American Crafts), chipboard letters (Heidi Swapp).

Yep - love those rub-ons. This one reads: "Be still, at peace, free" - it's from Bo Bunny.

I'd love to talk about how symbolic these butterflies are - but I'm not that deep really - I just like them - and they were brown.

Pages 16-17 = "Prayers for my kids". If there's one thing that will make any mother melt into a puddle of goo - it's worrying about her children. Shortly after my first child was born I was consumed with worries about pretty much anything you can imagine (like most new moms). I started reading "Power of a Praying Parent" by Stormie Omartian - and I'm telling you - another thing that saved my life! I worked as a probation officer too long to ever see this world as all roses - but reading this book and letting go of some of the weight truly helped me find a balance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED book for any parent!! Supplies: rub-ons (American Crafts, Scrapworks, Basic Grey), chipboard letters (Heidi Swapp), journaling tags (7 gypsies, K & Company, Making Memories), chipboard bracket (American Crafts), stickers (Basic Grey).

Close up of title. . .

Pages 18-19 - This page is simply titled "Emily Nicole" (however, it should read "Nichole" - oh snap). The rub-on word on the left page says "beauty". The journaling sheet on the left reads "Just a Few Things to Remember" - and the red rub-on word reads "reflections". Because so many of us don't see our own beauty - this is a page for Emily's favorite picture - of herself. Even if that means setting the camera on a tri-pod and filling up an entire memory card. . . we all need to find a picture of ourselves we can look at and think "I can see it now - me - and it's okay". Supplies: chipboard letters (Heidi Swapp), chipboard bracket (American Crafts), rub-ons (Bo Bunny Press, American Crafts, Making Memories).

Page 20 (WHEW - you made it!!). The tag on this one says "Believe" and the words underneath it read "in you". The year is listed in the bottom right corner as well. A place for a parting shot - maybe on the day before she turns 31???

Okay - so congrats to all of you who stuck in there until the end. I have to say I truly enjoyed making this album. It gave me a time to think about my friend - just think - and enjoy my memories of her - and us. This was also the first album where I didn't over think it - just went with my first instinct. I would HIGHLY suggest trying that on your next project and see how it turns out. Wait - do I see a challenge???

One more thing. . . the structure of this album can be stretched to any theme. I've used this layout to make baby albums, the ABC's of Me albums, memory albums (for loved ones who have passed) - the possibilities are endless!

So - too many pictures?? Too much in the way of description?? I'd love your feedback. I want to create a happy medium: not too much - not too little - just right for baby bear.

Okay - for the next give away - I have ANOTHER pack of cardstock to give away!! This time it's 50 sheets of 8.5x11 Bazzill cardstock - varied, but at least two of each color - and it could be on it's way to your door. All you have to do is post a comment about what your next craft project is going to be - you know, the one where you don't over think it - and just go with your gut?? I'd love to know what all of you are working on. . . (in reality or even in your mind). Comments will remain open until Tuesday, January 6th at 9pm EST. The winner will be posted tomorrow evening!


Live in such a way that there will be NO REGRETS when someone else follows in your footsteps.

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Barbara said...

First, congrats on the blog!!

And my next project will also be an about me album! Started one last year but never got around to finishing it, but this year it tops my list of things to do!!

Hope said...

Wowee, what a beautiful little album! Your new blog looks to be very fun -- I'll be checking back!

heathero said...

I have to catch up on my years. I am still at 2006 that needs to be done ;) I also have to scrap our vegas trip from 2007 - so much to catch up on

Sonda T said...

Oh my Vicki!! :O :O :O What a gorrrrrrrrrgeous album!! She is going to lurrrrrrrrrve that!! I bet she cries! I would if it were me. And yes, Jenn is one awesome possum person fo sho!! :) (the tab you used there is from Scrapworks. dont ask me how i know this...i remember weird things I see..part of the photographic memory i've got goin on in this strange head of mine. LOL)

Anyways, back to your question of what I am working on. Well, right now I am creating a cute little mini clip board and I'm doing just what you said...going with the flow and enjoying the creative process of it and not thinking too hard about it! Simple. Easy. FUN!! I made a BIG one YEARS ago and now it's time to make another in a smaller size.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's read here on your blog!

Galtscrapper said...

I am going to work on some Disney layouts for Make a Wish. THEN, I'm going to work on my BOM. I found some FANTASTIC baby pictures of myself, and I look just like my 7 month old daughter. Can we say "Like mother, like daughter" layout???? YEAH!

As far as this post, very nicely done. More people need more pictures and more description so a person can really follow along and do the project. Though I do NOT like BG. I do, however, LOVE Bazzill, especially Bling. Thanks for sharing this.


TeresaWhite1054 said...

I think you picture to words ratio is great! The more pictures the better, I think anyway. That album is awesome! I would love to make one for myself or for friends or whoever. Just an excuse to make one really :P
Lets see... my next projectS will be to finish my Christmas "Thank You" cards and the albums that I am making for my Mom and Aunt about the ongoing first year of my beautiful baby boy's first year. Oh, I know, you dont even have to tell me I'm behind.

mitch1066 said...

well i make cards so valentines and spring/easter cards are next:)

Anouk said...

Congrats on the blog. I love it. You have such a great personality! My big project this year is called Project 365. I will be taking one picture each day this year and journal a little about it. Then at the end of the year I'll have a permanent document of our year. Today's picture will be of the washing machine. Two of my three kids have the stomach flu, and I am washing lots of bedding. LOL

mep1013 said...

Wow! What a great album!
My goal is to finish my youngest son's ABC scrapbook. I gave my two older boys their's for their
5th and 4th birthdays but poor Sam is going to be 8 and I haven't finished his. I'm on "R" so I'm not going to do another project
until this on is finished. You can't believe the mom guilt I have.

Thanks for sharing your album and your thoughts. What a great place to come for inspiration.

Renata Pacheco said...

Hi, Vickie! I loved your album. My next project is a baby album to a friend. I think it's very difficuld make an album without photos. But yours is a great inspiration!

RosemaryD said...

Next project, let me count them! But most immediately, I need to finish a card that I will be submitting for publication. The deadline looms!

KrazyKathy said...

Great first day of blogging! I will be finishing up Disney mini and 12x12 album from September trip to see Mickey and friends. Got a little side tracked by a mini Christmas album and card making. New toys and ideas seem to lead me astray. So much to scrap so little time!

Cindy said...

I'm thinking I'm going to have to do a 6x6 scrapbook of my grand-daughter for my oldest son. She is getting so big and she loves her uncle. I am also working on a vertical scrapbook made of wood for my mom.

Thanks for letting me enter

Krys72599 said...

LOVE this project!
And your choice of paper and rubons and embellishments?
I want this album!
I want to make this album!
And I'm of the "there's never too much explanation or too many pictures" pursuasion...

Elaine said...

WOW...girlfriend, You are GOOD! I love the album! It is divine! I worship your work...and you are now on my blogger reader thingie so I can check out what you make and post! ROCK on, Emily!